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It Starts With Us Award
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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Grace Hubbard, nominee

     Grace Hubbard is our miraculous, happy, outgoing entertaining and priceless child.  Grace came to us as a non-walker preschooler in a stroller.  We watched Grace move to kindergarten, getting out of her stroller and begin to make baby steps.  Grace moved to first grade and walks all over our campus with assistance.  She enjoys P. E. with the rest of her class.  For the December dance to raise money for computers, Grace stole the show by dancing with her principal and the rest of her classmates. Grace has participated in Burroughs’ Coronation for several years and has reigned as queen for two years.  Grace and her family travelled with the school to Disney World on several occasions.  Grace is always a delight to be around.  Grace always reminds us what a blessing it is to be alive and sharing her miraculous,  joyful, happy, outgoing and entertaining spirit. 

Grace Hubbard will represent Burroughs Elementary for the It Starts With Us Award. 


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