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Subjects Taught
Fifth Grade


1978-Graduated from Moss Point, High School

1988-Graduated from Coastal Training Institution (Cosmetologist)

1997-Graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (BA)

1998-Attended University of Southern Mississippi

2004 -Graduated from University of South Alabama (B)

2004 -5th Grade Teacher (Burroughs Elementary) (5TH YEAR)


*#1Reading Class 2005-2008

*Science Lead Teacher

*Department Chair (5th Grade)

*Mega Conference (2007/2008)


HI, I am Mrs. Barbara Moseley,

      My  birthplace  is  Tampa,  Florida,  September12,  1959.  I  am  married  to  Mr. Moseley  and  we  have  8 living  children.  (Rodney, Anthony, Ed, James, Chris, Rodeshia, Louise,and Jermeshia). We  have  one deceased child, Lil Barbara (deceased).  I  have  lived  in  3  states,  Florida,  Mississippi,  and  Alabama.  My hobbies  are  attending  church,  listening  to  gospel  music,  and  basketball  (Live/TV).  In  the  past  I  have worked  as  a  cook,  cashier,  and  sales associate. My  life  was changed  in  1997,  when  my  mother  (Mrs. Williams)  inspired  me  to  apply  for  admission  to  Mississippi  Gulf  Coast  Community  College  (Elementary Education).  This  exciting  entry  started  my  career  in  the  field  of  educating  youth.  Giving  credit  to  my, Mother,  she  observed  my  heart  and  read  the  words  on  it,  then  told  me  the  road  to  take.  That  road  lead to  a  career  of  educating  children  of  whom  my  mother  taught  me  to  love.  The  one  thing  that  makes  me famous  can  be  said  in  one  word  "real".  






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